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Mulching Services for Toowoomba & Surrounding areas

We service Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, and ALL areas of the south east Queensland region.



Please phone - 0437 309879


Ecological & Sustainable control of non native vegetation. The Mulcher (swinging hammer type) can cut and mulch plants such as Lantana, Privet, Boxthorn, Blackberry and other invasive woody weeds along with shrubs and branches in difficult conditions. The MULCHER works on the surface, leaving a uniform blanket of organic material on the ground with minimal soil disturbance that can decompose quickly, controlling the hydro-geological system, preventing erosion and protecting the soil. The Takeuchi tracked skid steer and MULCHER combination reduces ground compaction and disturbance and only has a light enviromental footprint. This is a very cost effective way of taking control of your piece of Australia.

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Our services


  • Mulching cleanup of Lantana and Privet.
  • Slashing of dense heavy grasses.
  • Fire hazard reduction.
  • Road side verge & easements cleanup.
  • Acrage - Allotments - Broadacre.
  • Government & private work.

We also offer GENERAL EARTHWORKS as part of our business.

  • Powerful 100hp tracked skid steer
  • 4in1 bucket
  • Post hole borer (numerous Auger sizes)
  • Large pallet forks (setup ideal for wet or steep terrain conditions).



  • Increase land utilization.
  • Reduce fire hazard fuel build-up.
  • Enhance property values.
  • Regrowth control.
  • Minimal soil disturbance.
  • No burning, No dumping, No piles of dead vegetation.
  • Immediate use of land.


About us

Eco Mulching Services is made up of a team that knows its way around the mulching and vegetation industry. We are an owner operator business with the machine setup on our own truck and capable of travelling anywhere to perform any works. Our experience knows what our customers in any sector rightfully expect.

We provide services to private and government organisations and understand that reliability, promptness is paramount in providing an outstanding result. We provide practical enviromental solutions for site applications. Our goal is to provide our customers with their highest expectations by providing the solution to non native vegetation infestation.