Our services

Lantana and woody weed clean-up.

FREE site assessments (conditions may apply).

General Earthworks.

Fully insured, prompt & reliable.

Servicing areas of Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, South Burnett, Southern Downs and ALL other areas. 


  • Lantana, Privet, Boxthorn, Blackberry & other invasive woody weed clearing.
  • Dense heavy grasses cleanup (more efficient & no slashing grass trails).
  • Council Notices.
  • Fire Hazard reduction.
  • Allotment to Broardacre.
  • Clear fire trails, boundaries etc.
  • Roadside verge clean-up.
  • Many other applications.
  • Free site assesments (condition may apply).



100 HP TAKEUCHI tracked skid steer (reduced ground compaction) complete with SEPPI MULCHER (swinging hammer type) capable of material up to 120mm (4.7'') diameter depending on timber species.

We also provide General Earthworks with this very powerful unit.

Land Reclaimation (before).

person holiding seeds

This photo shows LANTANA taking over this paddock and creating a fire risk and also reducing the use of the land.

Land Reclaimation (after).

cleared land

This photo shows the same paddock after it has been cleaned up by ECO MULCHING SERVICES. As you can see it has resulted with minimal soil disturbance and not encroaching on any of the natural vegetation. This block can now be maintained with a tractor/slasher or can be grazed by livestock. The advantage over poisoning is that you gain immediate reclaimation and use of the land.

Please check your vegetation zoning as a permit maybe required from DERM to proceed with any clearing.